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Helping YOUR vocal performance go from
black and white to TECHNICOLOR!

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Raise your vocal performance from Black and White to TECHNICOLOR!


Discover deeper secrets in your music and text. Using the Socratic method, I will ask you questions, i.e. If there is an interlude - why are you not singing, or what is the musical purpose of a key or time signature change, or how and why are you feeling differently in a repeated section? Create a three dimensional character by allowing yourself to discover your very own personal concept of the richness of expression of your aria This opportunity is for established classical singers.

The course will be three 1 ½ hour Zoom classes Mondays May 6th, 13th and 20th at 5:00 PM PT. The class is limited to 5 students; each singer will present a different selection each week. Fee is $600, payable in advance.

Soprano Carolyn Val-Schmidt’s performances include the Metropolitan Opera and she has been invited to present her Master Classes in universities across the country.

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"...a stunningly musical, dramatically-honest soprano."

-Village Voice centerfold, New York

"YOUR MASTERCLASS WAS INCREDIBLE, you are so knowledgeable and intuitive... It was amazing what your young people produced after a few suggestions from you, amazing."

-Dana Rouse, Adjunct Voice Faculty
California Lutheran University

Carolyn Val-Schmidt's long career in the arts has included stellar leading roles; insightful training of singers, actors, and speakers; and a mission to support the operatic and theater arts in a variety of ways. She has been called "a lovely high soprano with an unusual amount of nuance" by the New York Times and a "first-rate comedienne" by the Boston Globe, and her passion for creating vivid portrayals and indelible characters has led to a unique understanding of how to train performers that is evident in the many masterclasses and seminars she has taught across the U.S. 

Below we offer just two pieces of a video series Carolyn created to offer singers more options as they learn new roles.  "My greatest joy is to share something wonderful with people, and then to see their 'Aha!' moment reveal itself in full glory."

"I am privileged to have had so much wisdom and guidance bestowed upon me throughout my own career, and inspired to share this with young singers."

Introduction to Characterization

Words & Music

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