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Coaching Style

Why are you singing?  Why are you performing?  How is your presentation distinctive?  Have you practiced in front of a full-length mirror?  How confident do you feel in your stagecraft? Are you feeling completely fulfilled in your presentation?


I have a PASSION for assisting young singers to elevate the vitality and intensity of their performance!  There is nothing like being able to inspire or bring joy to, or to simply touch an audience. We all get swept up and become one in the music and emotional energy.  This is what I call a compelling performance! 


The whole point of the arts is to express and communicate.  We musicians are blessed with the joyful opportunity to deliver our personal interpretation of any piece we choose!  What makes ours different comes from our learning how to delve into a more intimate relationship with our piece. 

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Any singer with a song to sing has a message –

and a need to make that message their own.

My philosophy is “Be all you can be and help others do the same”.  There is nothing sweeter to me than sharing something wonderful …and seeing singers’ “aha” moments is one of my greatest joys.

I want to pass on the wisdom and knowledge I have gained from my performing, voice and acting teachers, coaches, conductors, stage directors, mentors and fellow performers.

By asking Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of intentions, words, and actions we can do the following:

CLARIFY the past, present and future situations of your character which have inspired your music.

EXPLORE the evolution of the thoughts and emotions as your piece proceeds

TRACK the exclusive flow of your lyrics

BRING TO LIGHT aspects of your character with which you most identify

UNCOVER the physicality of your character

FIND OUT why you are not singing in some places of your piece

LOOK INTO the melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, textural and structural aspects of your music

IDENTIFY the musical aspects which exemplify the particular thoughts and emotions of your character

DETECT how the accompaniment describes and accentuates your emotions

REVEAL to yourself and your audience the intimate connection you have with each piece you sing

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