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“Carolyn Val-Schmidt is an amazing voice coach!

If you’re speaking in black and white, she’ll get you in Technicolor in no time. Do you need someone who can help you speak beautifully with resonance? Carolyn’s for you. She helps you cure whatever vocal problems you’ve been dealing with and they’re gone like magic. I’m so glad I found her!”


— Chellie Campbell, author The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire

My biggest and most valuable takeaway from this course was discovering how I could speak out with a more authentic sound to engage with a welcome sense of confidence and expressive identity… 

[And Mona wrote again, after taking first place in an elevator pitch contest:]

I won!!!  It was because of the work I did with you and learning how to vibrantly project my voice… Thank you again for helping me to launch my voice alive!!

— Mona Baker



As a shy person I was rather nervous but you made the class a safe place to bring my voice forward. Learning how to breathe from the belly was so exciting to feel the difference, hearing sounds come out of my mouth that I didn't know were there. Making me aware of how to use my speaking voice, all this done in  a loving environment. Carolyn has incredible knowledge as she brought out the needs of each person and made them shine.

— Pam Smith

“Carolyn Val-Schmidt’s Master Class is a thrilling experience.  Her expressive language brings out the best. Watching this amazing teacher and the life changing impact she has on her students is cathartic”.  


— Gordon Blitz, Culture Critique

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I've coached attorneys, teachers, poets, storytellers and businesspeople to be compelling speakers by freeing their voice in four ways: by adjusting their Pitch, Pace, Volume and Tone Quality. 

I show you how to move from merely talking in black and white to speaking in


(Some thoughts from a musical perspective)

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What Carolyn does

  • Workshops

  • Small groups

  • Individual sessions

Available throughout the US and abroad.


Offered to students ages 16 and up.


Payments accepted by PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

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"Couple of months ago, I asked Carolyn to listen to my introduction speech for a cooking video I was planning to make. To my surprise not only she listened very attentively she also coached me how to throw my voice, which word to emphasize to bring out the importance of a point and what pitch and tone of voice to end my sentence with. ...when I heard my own video, I realized how valuable her coaching had been. Today I am making videos every other week and getting rave reviews. Thanks to Carolyn, people are ordering food from me and my catering business is happily on its way. Thank you Carolyn for your coaching and valuable suggestions."

— Mini Guleria

"I didn't know what to expect as I started your zoom class, but was surprised and delighted to meet other people, all with different styles of speech and reasons for wanting to improve their speech.  I was amazed at the transformation of their speaking voices after  just a few suggestions from your trained ear.  The improvements in breathing and timing was so obvious.


Thank you so much for sharing your years of experience."

— Sandra Sobel

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt has a refined talent for teaching voice that comes across to students of all levels. This was especially noticeable in her past webinar class for developing the speaking voice."  

— David Herrington

[After taping a podcast interview, coming soon!]

"You made that interview interesting!!!  'How we think is how we speak, live and love'  💓 There was so much wisdom coming out of you in this interview -- I loved it!!! 😅

— Lea Dayton

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