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Masterclass and Performance Reviews

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt’s Master Class is a thrilling experience. Her dramatic guidance for opera students is spot on. Her expressive language brings out the best in singers. Witnessing her suggestions to elevate stage presence is pure magic. Her grasp of characters, time, place, and emotion is stupendous. Watching this amazing teacher and the life changing impact she has on her students is cathartic." 

– Gordon Blitz, Culture Critique

“…a stunningly musical, dramatically-honest soprano.”  

– Village Voice Centerfold, NYC

“YOUR MASTERCLASS WAS INCREDIBLE, you are so knowledgeable and intuitive.”  

Dana Rouse, Adjunct Voice Faculty, Cal Lutheran University

“…absolutely gripping…every last nuance explored of both text and music…” 

– Daily Camera, Best of Boulder 

“Grand – played with style and relish – a first rate comedienne; a singer with an extraordinary voice.”  

– Boston Herald American

“She puts her arms around you when she sings and doesn’t let go until you laugh or cry.”  

– Text in the City

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt as Byron's sister...being especially noteworthy."

The New Yorker

"Much praise to the cast for the quality of singing and Carolyn Val-Schmidt made Byron's sister quite appealing with a nicely controlled soprano."
            Christian Science Monitor

Carolyn Val-Schmidt left nothing to be desired, either dramatically or vocally.
            Washington Evening Star 

“She has a lovely high soprano with an unusual amount of nuance.” 

– Harold Schonberg, The New York Times 

“…soft-grained soprano with a wealth of shading.” 

– The Opera Quarterly, UK  

 “An extraordinary singer with an extraordinary voice.”  

– Station KGNU,  Boulder

“First-rate comedienne.” 

– Boston Globe

“…a performer of determination, projection and stylish aplomb… Val-Schmidt sang with warmth and gusto, negotiating the fiery coloratura firmly.”

– Opera News

“…Val-Schmidt’s accurate soprano rode brilliantly over Verdi’s colossal ensembles.”

– The Denver Post

“…a superb Countess. Mozart has given the Countess two of the opera's finest arias, and Ms. Val-Schmidt sings them beautifully.  Her 'Dove sono' was the highlight of the opera.”  

– Sarasota Herald Tribune​


“Carolyn’s…music crosses cabaret with opera, and her voice resonates like an echo from here to New York. An A-class spirit who puts her arms around you when she sings and doesn’t let go until you laugh or cry.”

– Text in the City

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt plays the wise Mother Abbess and delivers the climactic 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain' with impassioned conviction."

– New Orleans Times Picayune

"The role of Donna Anna was assigned to Carolyn Val-Schmidt, another definite plus for the production.  Her soprano demands were excitingly met, and in her second act "Non mi dir" aria, she practically brought the house down.  She was thoroughly credible in her vengeful fury, without losing the dignity of a woman both wronged and deprived off the very life of her father...."  

Providence Italian Echo

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt brought life to the role of Donna Anna, one which is often portrayed in a dourful manner.  Her voice had grace, accuracy, and power and when she sang the sumptuous optional aria 'Non mi dir', she nearly brought down the house."

Narragansett Times

"The best voice of the small company of nine was certainly that of soprano Carolyn Val-Schmidt, who sang the role of Countess Almaviva.  She did especially well in the third act aria "Dove sono" showing a timbre and range that gave a decided spark to this particular

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt has a lovely soprano and she uses it to excellent advantage in the role of Don Perlimplin's young wife.  Her range is solid from a warm and substantial bottom to a lyrical and effortless top. Don Perlimplin contains some vocally difficult pages, and Miss Val-Schmidt maneuvers them with assurance and vocal maturity." 
            Sarasota Herald Tribune  

"The best singing of the evening was delivered by Carolyn Val-Schmidt and the Three Ladies."       
            Cue Magazine

"A sparkling and thoroughly enjoyable concert.  Her performance confirmed that soprano Carolyn Val-Schmidt possesses the finest voice to be heard here."
            Newport Daily News

"Miss Val-Schmidt gave everything she had in each performance, consistently demonstrating that she is at the top of her profession.  Nothing more could be asked of her."
            Newport Daily News

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt's voice is a rich and powerful instrument and its lushness is absolutely reliable at all volumes and pitches."
            Newport Daily News

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt's well-controlled voice made interpretative delights of two Wolf-Ferrari songs."
            Providence Journal

"In the midst of a decade-long Baroque revival, the operas of the period have remained neglected, but with a performer of the determination, projection and stylish aplomb of Carolyn Val-Schmidt (a soprano with veristic reserves) there is hope for a resurgence.  Ms. Val-Schmidt sang with warmth and gusto, negotiating the fiery coloratura firmly."
            Opera News

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt as Belinda, displayed a beautiful pure voice which promises a great future for this young singer.  The soprano is superb in her characterization; her aria in Act I 'Pursue Thy Conquest, Love', is delightful and charming."
            Sarasota Herald Tribune

"More in keeping with the music was Carolyn Val-Schmidt who sang with crisp Baroque voice movement and ornamentation."
            Opera News

"The soprano Carolyn Val-Schmidt has great personality projection; warbling the high head-voice notes with confidence and musicality, she has a brilliant actress, she interpreted the feeling of each of her songs to the emotional antennae of the crowded hall."
            Schenectady Gazette

"Grand - played with style and relish - a first-rate comedienne; a singer with an extraordinary voice."
            Boston Herald American

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt operates with poise that is stunning....She delights in performing."
            Boston Daily Transcript

"An excellent voice.  She dances with verve."
            South Middlesex News

"Superb....Carolyn Val-Schmidt the real singer in the cast."
            Seattle Sun

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt splendid."
            Seattle Post Intelligencer 

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt's voice is striking."
            – The Sunday Olympian

"Carolyn Val-Schmidt, a clearer, purer soprano, sang the Corsair's love, Medora."

            New York Times


"..with newcomer soprano Carolyn Val-Schmidt singing her difficult notes with good tone and dexterity."

            New York Daily News

"Soprano creates art with her voice."

            Summit Daily News, Keystone, CO

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